Children’s Hope Feeding Center

We work to help children and young people in the slums of San Pedro Sula that grow up on the river border. These are squatter houses built on government property where children fall victim to extreme poverty, gangs, local criminals and many are stuck to live in underprivileged conditions the rest of their lives. Through building relationships with children and evaluating their current health conditions, providing vitamins, anti-parasite medicine and other basic life needs.

Supporting Families and Communities

Many families need help in getting sufficient food and basic life needs. We provide nutritious meals, clothing, shoes and general toiletries to several families in surrounding villages and, through our strong relationships and connections, several other cities in Honduras.

We will continue to build homes for families in need. Our goal is to expand to include building schools.

Discipleship Classes

After 18 years of having children come to Kids’ Ark Camp, we see the impact as these children are now young adults. Some of these young adults now work as youth pastors, children’s pastors or missionaries.
We see a growing need to educate these other young adults deeper in the Word of God. Our discipleship classes give opportunity to study in a group setting and they will receive a ministerial diploma. This will not only build confidence but will open doors in to share God’s word and the love of Christ (2 Tim 2:15). We now see the mission field becoming a mission force!

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