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Kids Ark International is a Non-Profit, Interdenominational U.S. based youth ministry.
Jesus loves you!
We want the youth of Honduras to have a place that they can enjoy that will permanently change their lives.
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Kids’ Ark News from Honduras

Posted 05/12/2010

Please check out our lastest DVD promo about Kids Ark International Honduras. Thanks for watching.


Posted 10/23/2008

We wish to thank all those who support Kids’ Ark International Youth Camp with your prayers and support. Without people like you, our work here would never happen.

Honduras is a land of 8 million people, and currently there are more then 4.5 million under the age of 20. We feel that our work in Honduras is just beginning. We've been here since 2001 with a few short trips home.We started Kids’ Ark Camp in 2004 and its growing everyday. During most of 2009, we will be home for a 1 year furlough. It will be a time to strengthen our support base and widen our contact list for the sake of bringing teams and donors to see what Kids’ Ark International Youth Camp is all about.

We have had over 3500+ children visit the camp in just the last 2 years. Over 1000 Royal Rangers enjoyed the camp last week for three full days. We enjoyed seeing the children at the camp and they are planning to return every year.

We are still in the construction process building dorms, a gymnasium, a cafeteria, and much more. Because locations for children, church teams and youth groups to recreate are so few, we receive request continually from churches, local boys/girls organizations and several schools to visit Kids’ Ark Youth Camp. The plan is for any group of boys or girls to enter the camp and enjoy the grounds regardless of their denomination. The camp will send a message to all the children that their faith in Christ is the most important aspect in their precious life.

We have several Christian icons for the visiting children to dwell upon. One of the icons is “Calvary’s Hill.” Calvary’s Hill is located on the northwest side of the camp. Three crosses that tower 120' over the main playground meeting area. At the base of the crosses a platform to share the Gospel and share stories of the Cross and other biblical stories. Near the fresh water stream that starts on the property, we have a treated wood Noah’s Ark shaped pavilion with tables for lunch and hearing stories about the Ark.Noahs Ark at Kids Ark Honduras
We compare “Noah’s Ark” of the old testament to “Jesus — the ark of safety in today’s world.”

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Kids Ark International Youth Camp Honduras WebsiteKids Ark International Youth Camp Honduras WebsiteKids Ark International Youth Camp Honduras WebsiteKids Ark International Youth Camp Honduras WebsiteKids Ark International Youth Camp Honduras WebsiteKids Ark International Youth Camp Honduras Website

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